Assalam Alaikum Dear Respected Community Members,
My name is Mohammed Ifdhal Khan. I was born in 1991 in Bangladesh. I came to the States when I was two years old. My parents and I resided in Detroit where I attended public schools.
I thank Allah SWT and my parents who chose and preferred for me the pursuit of Islamic knowledge. I recall the anecdote of Shah Waliullah who said, “If every hair of my body thanks You of Your blessings upon me, even then I will not be able to fulfill Your gratitude”.
My father had a burning desire to make me a Hafiz and an Aalim. At the age 12, he sent me to my home country, Bangladesh, to memorize the Quran. By the Grace of Allah, I completed my hifz (Quran memorization) by the age of 14. I then returned to the US in June 2005, in full excitement of having accomplished something great.
After my return, my father constantly explained to me the importance of becoming a scholar of religion. And why not? The Holy Prophet (s) himself expounded on the significance of an Aalim in the following tradition, “Every creation in the Heavens and on the earth seek forgiveness for Aalim, even the fishes in the depth of water. And the supremacy of an Aalim over an Abid (one who worships Allah excessively) is like the supremacy of a full moon over the stars. Ulema are the inheritors of the Prophets”. (Narrated by Abu Dawood).
For this reason, my father sent me to Dar-ul- Uloom Zakariyya in South Africa. The Aalim course there is seven years long. When I was in my first year, I wondered to myself if I would ever be able to complete this journey. However, I Alhamdulillah completed my course and graduated faster than I expected, as though it was a dream. The teachers of the institute are high-ranking ulema; when ulema of other countries are exposed to them, they take pride in having learned from them and having been in their company.
I thank Allah SWT for allowing me to come this far and further pray that He guides me and every Muslim now and in the future. Aameen.
I am truly grateful to Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity to serve the Muslim community in Frankfort and surrounding areas. Insha-Allah I intend to make myself available to the community as needed and as expected to the best of my abilities!